Adaptive Fraud Detection


Protect your employees from common fraud threats and cyber risks. Deploy SenseText in your organisation today to provide your employees with an extra layer of security that constantly adapts.

Smart Fraud Detection Platform

See how SenseText's technology at enterprise level could further protect your employees from various types of fraud



  • BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks are on the rise
  • £208M lost to APP (Authorised Push Payment) fraud in 6 months in 2020
  • Bad actors keep targeting businesses
  • According, to one report invoice and payment fraud rose 200% in just 2 months in 2020


  • Your spam filter won't stop all fraudulent emails
  • When under pressure, employees are more likely to make costly mistakes
  • Employees are not fully prepared to face cyber threats while doing their day job productively

Invoice Fraud Detection


APP Fraud Detection

BEC Fraud Detection

Transaction Analysis

Why SenseText?

Easily detect fraudulent messages

Using a simple fraud score, our model quickly calculates all the scores behind the scenes and provides you with a simple fraud detection score. One that your employees can easily understand.

APP Fraud Detection

APP Fraud Detection

Machine learning model

SenseText's machine learning model utilises your computer's processing power in analysing and scrutinising fraudulent messages. As a result of the deep analysis, new fraud words are learned from the experience. The more training the model has, the more accurately it's able to detect fraud.

Action list

SenseText automatically generates a to-do list of actions that you need to follow up on. Briefly preparing email templates that you can use to quickly contact a colleague to further verify the potentially fraudulent transaction.

Custom rules engine

Is there a rule that you'd like SenseText to apply when protecting you from fraud? SenseText puts you in the driving seat allowing you to build a custom rules engine on the base fraud detection model provided. This allows you to plug any industry-specific gaps not covered by the base model.

Advanced transaction analytics

On closer analysis of available statistics on fraudulent transactions, there's a pattern for each type of fraud. SenseText has the ability to detect the most likely type of fraud or closest match and find meaningful patterns based on the transaction amount.

Automatic Fraud Detection Threshold

At certain times when there is statistically a higher risk of a fraudulent transaction occuring, SenseText will quickly automatically adjust the fraud detection threshold to compensate for the threat. Adjusting the threshold further protects your employees, while still accurately classifying normal messages as "safe".

Limit AI bias in fraud detection decisions

AI algorithms can become biased against certain groups or demographics. SenseText has the ability to segregate and limit any AI bias in its decision making when detecting fraud in any messages you've provided. SenseText's algorithms can actively work to reduce bias during fraud detection. On the other hand, the SenseText's Advanced AI Bias has been developed to apply bias ethically in a balanced way.

Potential fraud words detected graph

After providing sufficient data, users can visualise a graph of potential fraud words that have been detected by SenseText. Organisations can better understand and gain deeper insight into real examples of words that might be used to gain the confidence of their employees or to potentially force through a fraudulent transaction.

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